Copacabana as Conchita Alvarez

De Telegraaf (19 oktober 2002): Sophia Wezer stands out as the Cuban diva.

De Telegraaf (29 October 2002): Latino vamp Sophia Wezer, who plays the part of the diva  of  'Tropicana', the Cuban competition of  'Copacabana', produced a beast of a Latina vamp. This rising tigres, with charisma of Grace Jones, got the audience applauding more than once. Especially when she, leaving nothing to the imagination, came slowly hips swaying and her electrifying bottom  down the stairs of the 'Tropicabana'. "I was really nervous at this première", she says afterwards with a glorifying smile. "But everything went very well. Everyone and everything", she cheered. "I even hope for a second season of 'Copacabana".

Algemeen Dagblad (Mirjam Keunen 29 oktober 2002): The real star is actually Sophia Wezer, who with much allure plays Conchita Alvarez. It is unbelievable that she is an diva on her way back, and Carreon is the charismatic new celebrity.  

Nieuwsblad van het Noorden (Jacques J. d'Ancona 31 oktober 2002): Well what can I say, Sophia Wezer is formidable , because she controls al the discipline of her trade.

Trouw (Bianca Bartels 4 november 2002): Still there are beautifull, impressive moments. Like when Sophia Wezer as leading lady in 'Caramba' dances and sings a rousing samba, with the swining ensemblesurrounding her in shining South/American carnaval-outfits.