Chicago as Velma Kelly

Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch newspaper) interview with Walter Bobbie (original director of the musical Chicago): "Sophia Wezer plays a supurb Velma. Nothing is to much for her, she is an explotion of agression and sexuality."

Algemeen Dagblad 2: "A born temptress"

Algemeen Dagblad 3: " Sophia(26) from The Hague as the refined  vamp Velma Kelly flirts and is flirted with finally by the big audience."

Algemeen Dagblad 4: "She is bubbly but refined"

Algemeen Dagblad 5: "Sophia Wezer rules the stage as the cunning murderess Velma Kelly"

Algemeen Dagblad 6: "As if she never did anything else than seduce, manipulate and decive."

De Telegraaf 1: "Sophia Wezer has a voice that gets into your soul, a personality that is vibrant on stage and to top it all a stunning figure."

De Telegraaf 2: "A star is born"

Haagsche Courant 1: "Sophia Wezer is down to earth about her succes in the topmusical Chicago"

Haagsche Courant 2: "Sophia Wezer pearl of "Chicago"

Haagsche Courant 3: "Perfectly shaped long legs underneath an evenly composed body and her eyes force you to keep a respectfull distance"
Haagsche Courant 4: "A breathtaking, source color appearance, who can also sing and dance"

De Gelderlander Online 24 november 2001 MARTIN HERMENS:
"They can normally sin, dance also. But the acting abilities of Dutch musical stars is mostly of a very low standard. The audience wants to hear beautiful signing voices, producers need famous people for promotion purposes and even critics tend to push aside the acting capabilities with a small remark. As if it doesn’t matter how you play your roll in the musical. But that’s a serious misconception. Musical as a theatre component  is know as the most difficult one. Simply because the Performers must be able to: sing, dance and act. An almost impossible combination, it seems. But there are those who are able to do it all. An example from our own country is Simone Kleinsma. Voice and performance in perfect combination which earns her the right to be called the first real musicalstar of Holland. There are not many others beside Kleinsma that can claim this right. There are but a handful. Like Pia Douwe and Joke de Kruijf. And of a more recent date: Sophia Wezer, who played a glorious roll  in Chicago speelde, appears to be a natural performer in musicals."

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